Freakyliscious, it's Kyra !!
Halloo Freakeys. Das ist mein Blog das ich seit vorgestern (7.3.)hab :D Viel Spaß und so'n Zeugs, neh?! #Kyra x33 link ][ link ][ link ][ link ][ link ][ link ][ link

Ich heiße Kyra bin 12 Jahre alt ^^ Bald 13 (17.Apirl) und ich habe immoment Gesangsuntericht und spiele zuwieschendurch im Musical mit ;P und tanze bzw. Singe gerne. Und will das spaeter mal als Job machen oder sou :P

When I was seven they said I was strange
I noticed that my eyes and hair weren't the same
I asked my parents if I was OK
They said you're more beautiful and that's the way
They show that they wish that they had your smile
So my confidence was up for a while
I got real comfortable with my own style
I knew that they were only jealous cos

People are all the same
And we only get judged by what we do
My personality reflects me
And if I'm ugly then so are you
So are you

There was a time when I felt like I cared
That I was shorter than everyone there
People made me feel like life was unfair
And I did things that made me ashamed
Cos I didn't know my body would change
I grew taller than them in more ways
But there will always be the one who will say
Something bad to make them feel great



Ich mag diese...
Musiker: Keni LiebLinsmusiker oder so.
Lieder: Alles oO^^
Sendungen: hmmh. Nix.
Filme: KeinohrHase
Hsm 1+2
10 Dinge die ich an dir hasse
Step up
Sportarten: Tanzen und Schwimmen. :D

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